Nursing: EKG Case

Develop a one-page clinical reference that reinforces educational content from NURS 640.

·  The structure of the reference is determined by the student based on the content presented. Formats that can be considered for representing a reference include diagrams or tables.

·  The reference is limited to the space of one standard letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) document.

·  Please add your reference list as a second page to your assignment (use APA format).

Clinical Reference: 12 Lead EKG Evaluation

Prepare a clinical reference/reference that describes the 12 lead EKG findings for cardiac ischemia and infarction.

Within your reference:

1.  Specify the EKG changes associated with the various coronary arteries.

2.  Identify the anatomic areas of the heart muscle supplied by the coronary arteries.

3.  List the EKG criteria for STEMI (ST elevation and other EKG changes).

4.  List the EKG findings in non-STEMI.

List the cardiac biomarkers commonly used in conjunction with 12-lead EKG to identify acute myocardial infarction, identify when these biomarkers peak and the length of time until they normalize

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