Assignment: Sustainable development

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable development assignment instructions

From our syllabus

One assignment on the concept of sustainable development (15%, broken down over two assignment components). Students will complete a series of reflections on ideas related to sustainable development, and will use these as the basis for a set of definitions, notes, and talking points on sustainable development to be shared in class.

Components and credit breakdown

Component 1: Packet of reflections on sustainable development. (5%)

Over the first half of the semester you will complete in-class responses to prompts on sustainable development. Hold on to these, use them to complete the second component, and submit them for credit.

Component 2: Notes/talking points on sustainable development; definition of sustainable development (10%)

2a. Prepare notes on 4-5 concepts and ideas from class that challenged, confirmed, and/or shaped your understanding of urban sustainability / sustainable development. These concepts/ideas can be big or small; they can be from class readings, lectures, activities, or discussions; they can be theories or concrete examples; they can concern any site and any scale. Your notes should identify the content, briefly explain the content, explain why the content stood out to you and how it influenced you, and contain citations for the content (e.g., lecture dates or readings). You can prepare your notes using bullet points.

2b. Decide on a definition of sustainable development that best reflects how you understand this idea now.

2c. Prepare notes to help you defend your definition of sustainable development – why must it include these ideas? Your notes should attend to each phrase in the definition. Bullet points are ok.

Due dates

The following items are due in class on Tuesday October 15.

1) Your sustainable development reflections packet, with all responses stapled together.

2) Your notes/talking points on 2a and 2c. These should be typed, in 12 point Times New Roman font, and stapled together.

3) The definition of sustainable development that resonates most with you (2b). Submit this definition on an 8.5×11 inch piece of paper in a font size of at least 24.

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