Sociology of Mental Health

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Sociology of Mental Health

Discussion/Essay Require: The use of Microsoft Word (12point font) Please use correct grammar and citations Endnotes or footnotes Must use the information provided Fully answer questions Be very specific in your writing that you understand and grasp the main ideas Reflect Summarize Conclusion Bibliography

Page 1: 275 words on Article- Mezuk et al. White Box Epidemiology and the Social Neuroscience of Health Behaviors: The Environmental Affordance Model. Society and Mental Health

Page 2: 275 words on Article- John Mirowsky (1996) Age and the Gender Gap in Depression. Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Answer all of these questions

1) What conceptual/theoretical framework  was used in the article? 2) What was the specific methodological approach? 3) Briefly summarize the findings and the major takeaways this has for your research interests. 4) Synthesize your critical interpretation of the article, what do you think about the soundness of the conceptual framework and methods explored and how does it connect to your research interests?

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