Post response: benefits and challenges that a manager has when developing, leading and motivating a virtual team


2nd Colleague to respond to:

There are many benefits and challenges that a manager has when developing, leading and motivating a virtual team. Some challenges can be physical distance. This is when there is no face to face contact so it is my belief when it is like this one must pay very close attention to the things that they are asked to do. Communication can also be a challenge this is important because you must be mindful of the right messages being sent when I look at this challenge I thought of ( when you send a WhatsApp message and how you can sometimes send the message to the wrong person). Also, miscommunication of lost files can happen when we look at communication. The website notes that “Communication is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of business, especially with virtual employees and members.”Another challenge can be different time zones this is something honestly that the manager can not control. With the bad comes the good there are three benefits of a virtual team that I will discuss one would most definitely be flexibility, who does not love having a flexible time let’s be honest this leaves a person in charge of their own schedule. Also, freedom to travel this one is my favorite with this it does not mean jumping on a plane but virtually being able to go anywhere in the world gives a person freedom to choose their physical workspace. Another benefit would be spending less money. When there is not a physical location the company and team save money.

Secondly out of the challenges that were identified I would state that communication would be the one that should be addressed directly by a manager. Communication is key in any workplace especially one where most interactions occur via email, chat or calls. Ensuring a free flow of accurate information throughout your company’s structure means hiring the right people, fostering a communicative culture, and using the right tools for the job. Close attention to relationship building is important. This can be a process to ensure good communication. When there is a strong culture of communication this allows collaboration. Also, before hiring a person to work virtually ensure that you test their usage of communication through calls and writing. Managers can allow employees to address whether they should work the same time when in different time zones once the work is getting done before the deadline, let everyone work at their pace and the time that they agree. Working with a virtual team requires leaders and organizations to be flexible. In many cases, team members work in different time zones, making it difficult to coordinate virtual meetings or collaborate in other ways. Even when employees share a common time zone, they may favor working at different times of the day when they feel they can be more productive. Since it’s not absolutely necessary for all team members to be working at the same time, it makes sense for the team to be flexible enough to accommodate everyone’s needs. DeRosa, D. states “Furthermore, it may be beneficial to have all or most of the team working at the same time for at least a portion of the day in case important information needs to be communicated to everyone.”

Finally, It’s a situation more people and businesses are facing. With the globalization of business and leading a team that one has never met in person can be a bit challenging. Even as the growth in social media and communication technology has made everything easier for a leader to guide a team even though the human interaction is missing. I would have to put extra emphasis on the ability to influence my team, communication and most definitely planning. Kalman (2018) noted, “Because virtual gatherings are disconnected by the traditional human relationships that are formed when people work together daily, the ability to create a sense of unity and purpose for the team and for the goals of each meeting or project is an especially important skill for leaders to acquire.”There are also many obstacles that I am sure that I would encounter one would most definitely maybe making persons accountable, sometimes as humans I feel as though we become relaxed so this is where I feel that I may have to send regular reminders and this is fine this simply just means that I must be organized and up to date with my information.


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