Leadership Development Plan

  • Identify 1 change leadership theory that would be beneficial to your leadership role
    • Summarize your understanding of the 1 change leadership theory
    • Explain how you would apply this theory to make you a more effective leader
    • Illustrate 2 positive outcomes that you would expect to occur
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy and support your ideas with material from this course and outside research.
    • Provide an example where your leadership philosophy can be applied to lead an organizational change
    • Your leadership philosophy does not have to be any specific leadership model we reviewed. Rather, it should represent your trajectory of leadership as it applies to your career aspirations. Consider your career path and the industry you work (or wish to work in) and determine what leadership skills will be most effective.
  • Submit a 6 to 8-page paper double spaced
  • Please provide at least six (6) scholarly references to support your paper.
  • All references should be used as in-text citations.
  • All work must be completed in APA format.
  • A title page and reference page must be included.
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