HOmework: HR

1. Now that the week one assignments are behind you, please reflect upon what you learned regarding the foundation of business, stakeholders, and the importance of HR in an organization’s strategic planning THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW BEFORE. What are some specific tools identified during week one that are noteworthy and useful to you personally? What do you believe to be the most valuable tool to assist HR leaders when identifying stakeholders? Describe how your perception about HR changed from week one? Or has it changed at all?

2. What do you believe are “best practices” (procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective) in regards to communicating within the workplace? How does what you shared differ in regards to specific projects? Provide an example regarding how the HR team would communicate with the stakeholders of a specific project. Be specific: Name the communication channel. What is your understanding in regards to what HR’s role is as it relates to communicating within a specific project.?

3. What are the pros and cons of teams working together on a project? Do you prefer working alone or with a team on a project or task? Explain. Do you have an example either professionally or during your educational journey when a team project WENT WELL? Do you have an example either professionally or during your educational journey when a team project DID NOT go well?

4. From what you’ve learned so far, in your opinion, who is responsible for managing a “project team” the project manager or human resources? Explain.

Why do you believe that managing a “project team” is the most challenging part of project management? What strategies can organizations implement to improve the communication, efficiency, and effectiveness between project managers and the HR team?

Who is ultimately responsible for implementing corrective action as it relates to projects? The PM manager or the HR team? Explain.

What are some creative ways to reward teams for a job well done? What is HR’s involvement in this process?

5. What, in your opinion, would be the best way to identify how to engage and motivate employees? What would be some tangible indicators that employees are not happy or engaged? How does an HR Representative and Project Manager work together to identify potential risks, address disruptive employee issues, and reward success of a project? In a small a business where the HR team is not as involved with the Project Manager would the strategies they select differ? Explain.

6. Control projects is the key to keeping projects on time, on budget, and achieving project goals. Communicating effectively is a huge part of any project’s success. What do you believe are the best practices when controlling projects? How should responsibilities for controlling a project be delegated between the HR Representative and Project Manager? Or should Project Managers even involve the HR Leaders. Explain. Are the HR Representative and Project Manager both involved in crisis management? Why or why not?

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