Essay: how to incorporate a company (Hofstedes)


You are a team of consultants who have received an RFP (request for pitch) from a potential client  (seminar tutor). The client is contemplating entering a new market with his/her technology product and is asking for your consulting team to provide a presentation to win a piece of business.

The pitch presentation is to focus on key considerations for entering country X from country Y using information learned in the lectures. A framework should be included in the report to help make sense of the information e.g. SWOT, PESTLE or another of your choice.

If you are successful, you will represent and guide the client through the process of entering this new  market

Here is what we agreed on so far.
Company Name : Compact Screens Ltd
Product: mobile phone projector and folding screen
Two countries : USA to host , Zambia to receive
Target Market: Teachers/Schools
Framework : SWOT focusing on: Weakness = distribution slow and difficult, Opportunity = government pushing to get more technology in schools, high percentage of the population have phones.
We seem to have our angle ( that since few have tv’s our product can be used to show documentaries or other media to students to help with their learning and being portable makes easy to store or to use to travel to harder to reach schools. )

the question is how to incorporate Hofstedes

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