Criminal Justice and Media

his assignment requires that you select an issue in Criminal Justice and Media and analyze it in terms of social construction through the issue’s depictions in the media. You may write a traditional research paper or create a PowerPoint presentation. Regardless of the format you choose, the content must be supported by valid academic research, and that research must be properly cited.

Focus on content, not creativity. Follow the rubric and present the concepts required.  This is NOT, for instance, research on police brutality.  This IS, perhaps, research on the SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF POLICE BRUTALITY (or some other topic) and the product should reflect that.  Chapter 2 will be a great resource.


  • Depictions of law enforcement in entertainment media
  • Social construction of crime and race
  • Media treatment of white collar crime
  • Television news coverage of violent crime
  • Social media depictions of police, courts/lawyers, or criminals


  • Must cite any outside sources used
  • A minimum of 2000 words/25 slides
  • Double-spaced, New Times Roman, 12-point type
  • This assignment is worth up to 150 points
  • Please note that you MAY NOT re-write or re-submit a paper from a prior class. This will result in a grade of zero. All papers will be submitted to APA style and documentation is required. Up to 10 percent (15 points on this assignment) will be deducted from your work if you did not properly cite and document your source(s). All documentation rules apply to presentations
  • Refer to An EasyGuide to APA Style, 2nd edition, for guidance on APA style and format
  • Please review the presentation rubric for details on how a presentation is graded
  • Please review the paper rubric for details on how a paper is graded
  • Click the Submit Assignment button to upload your assignment to Turnitin
  • The paper or project is due no later than Sunday at 11:59 p.m.


You are expected to write primarily in your own voice, using paraphrase, summary, and synthesis techniques when integrating information from class and outside sources. Use an author’s exact words only when the language is especially vivid, unique, or needed for technical accuracy. Failure to do so may result in charges of Academic Dishonesty.

Overusing an author’s exact words, such as including block quotations to meet word counts, may lead your readers to conclude that you lack appropriate comprehension of the subject matter or that you are neither an original thinker nor a skillful writer.



Annotated Bibliography: Criminal Justice and Media

Florida Institute of Technology

Gergen, K. (2015). An invitation to social construction. 2nd ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage. Retrieved from

This book unpacks the concept of social construction in a person’s mind. It gives detail explanations on the major components of social construction such relation to self, the aspect of human inquiry, the conflict between the proposed ideas and one’s knowledge of what the truth might be and the ideas that are socially constructed.

I will use this article to illustrate how media coverage of criminal justice process are reconstructed forming meanings that people hold on to.

BBC News. (2019). BBC – Reasons for abortion. Retrieved 7 October 2019, from

This article, gives an overview on the issue of abortion. It provides the reason as to why people carry out abortion. It therefore gives the reason behind some countries having it as a legal practice. These reasons have in most societies, become the exceptional circumstances under which abortion can take place. Some of the reasons though, can be disputed, while others are genuine enough to be unforbidden.

I will use this article to show how the media presents the issue of abortion on the lenses of legality and illegality.

BBC News. (2019). Alabama passes bill banning abortion. Retrieved 7 October 2019, from

This article details on the ban of abortion in Alabama on the year 2019. It gives instances under which abortion is illegal and the penalties for the doctors who either attempt or carry out the procedure. In this article, the bill has gone to an extreme of prohibiting abortion in cases that the child born will not have a quality life. The article goes ahead to give an overview of countries that are tightening abortion laws.

I will use this article to illustrate the social construction of an aspect that was otherwise viewed as legal.

Conde, C. (2019). New York Times: Rights Group Denounces Illegality of Abortion in Philippines | Center for Reproductive Rights. Available at:

This article reports on the study in Philippines that denounced the government for making abortion illegal. According to this article, illegalizing abortion was responsible for the thousands of women who die through unsafe, crude abortion procedures. While illegalizing abortion aimed at eliminating the practice, the Philippine study unveiled an opposite more practices were carried out. Even worse, is the environments that abortions occurred. As it was carried out in hide, the conditions were unhealthy leading to deaths of thousands.

I will use this article to illustrate on the media’s coverage of the social construction of effects of abortion.

Altheide, D. (2002). Creating Fear: News and the Construction of Crisis (1st Ed.). Hawthorne: Transaction Publishers. Retrieved from

This book examines the role of the media in creating fear in any aspect. The media coverage has various effects on the audience, which sometimes, is exaggerated.

I will use this book to illustrate how media coverage on the effects of abortion in Philippines, might be a means to an end.

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