Center-of-Gravity Model

Center-of-Gravity Model

In Chapter 2 of your text, Supply Chain Network Design,  recall the example country of Logistica. Assume that you have been hired as an analyst for the government of Logistica. The president of the nation has asked you to use a mathematical model to determine where to locate the capital of the nation. Key considerations for the selection  of the capital are:

  • The weighted average distance from the various population centers to the capital.
  • The percentage of citizens who live within 100, 200, or 300 miles of the new capital.
  • The president suggests the following four cities: City 7, City 10, City 12, and City 15.

Follow these instructions to complete this discussion:

  • Use the data to recommend the “best” city for the new capital.
  • Open the Excel file, Unit 2 Logistica, which is listed in the discussion resources. This spreadsheet has information on the latitude,  longitude, population, and approximate distance to capital.
  • Input into the spreadsheet the latitude and longitude of the city that you recommend should be the capital.
  • Apply the center-of-gravity model.
  • Prepare a discussion post that discusses the model outcome and why the company may or may not follow this recommendation.
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