1. The definition of brainstorming is a gather of thoughts and ideas that is developed and shared by a group of people. Brainstorming is intended to help develop a better idea to a situation and implement it. There can be plenty of circumstances that anyone can apply the brainstorming method, whether its to complete a project for school, designing a home or reengineering of a business. The endpoint is to assure that the final plan works and fixes the situation. For instance, brainstorming would be appropriate to a new organization that has not been doing well in business and has not made profit. The members of the organization then adjust a meeting to brainstorm thoughts that can help the business with its revenue. Some individuals might give ideas such as more promotion, having a sale, lowering costs, selling online etc. At the end of the discussion, everyone decides what would work best to help the business grow and apply the solution to the issue.

2. There are many circumstances where i would consider using brainstorming as a method to help identify problems in certain area. However, brainstorming could be very help in any situation as long as you have enough time and people to quickly brainstorm fresh ideas.  in addition, the method of brainstorming is ideal for situation where it is up to a group of people to brainstorm new and fresh ideas; the reason for this is because in a group it is faster to generate ideas and with the use of brainstorm this increase the creativity and the possibility of new and better ideas. Lastly, an instance where brainstorming would be appropriate for a problem or situation is in a large project that has to get done with multiple individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and languages; Brainstorming can help the group get the project done by allowing everyone to create new ideas and exchange them throughout them and get to know each other perspectives on the specific project.

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