Essay: delinquency

1. Explain the concept of diversion.

2. Describe the types of programs that do tend to work in delinquency prevention.

Submission Requirements:

· Make sure your name appears in the title.

· Make sure to use grammatically correct English, support your statements, and provide APA citations for references.

· Use a word processing software program to complete the assignment.

· Save it on your computer or memory device as an .rtf document (rich text format).

· Name it [Your last name] A1. (example: SmithA1.rtf) When you are ready to submit it, select the title link.

· When the new screen opens locate ATTACH LOCAL FILE and select the BROWSE button to navigate to the document.

· Navigate to your document.

· Select SUBMIT when you have found it.

· You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools).

· Do NOT paste your assignments in the comments box; this is meant for short notes to me and will not provide enough space to hold an entire assignment.


Ask five or more people which factor they feel is the most important in preventing delinquency: family, schools, peers, or the justice system. Why?

o How do these four factors interact?

o How can the most important one influence the others?

o How can it be changed to decrease the rate of delinquency?

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