Cost of living journal

Please read the directions carefully for the assignments.

1. Discussion Board – must  be 2 pages

2. Video Journal- must be 1-2 pages

3. Chapter 12 and 13 quiz – 30 questions (READ the attached chapters  12 and 13 before taking the test)

ALL WORK due by Friday 10/11


Discussion Board #4 – Cost of Living Calculator


1) Try the salary calculator: (Links to an external site.)

This should take you to a page that is a cost of living comparison calculator

2) Enter 2 different cities and a salary level (I suggest $50,000) to compare the two cities.

3) Next answer the following questions and post them in the Discussion Board

· What two cities and salary did you choose and why?

· Which city is more expensive? On what criteria where they different? Did any of the costs surprise you? Explain.

· Would you expect an employee to accept a pay cut to move to the less expensive city? Why or Why not?

· If you worked in the HR department for a company that asked employees to relocate for job transfers, do you think this calculator would be helpful for planning pay differentials? Explain.


Video Journal #6 – The Gender Gap – Widening Hours

Watch the Video.


1. What is “the Gender Gap” as it pertains to women in leadership roles and why do you think it still continues?

2. If you were the HR Director of a large corporation, what programs, policies or practices would you like to put in place to help reduce the Gender Gap?

3. See the grading rubric and due date to help you maximize your grade on this assignment.Be sure to cite your book (Noe et al) and external resources.

Rubric for Video Journal.docx Preview the document



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