Unit Article Critique

Unit Article Critique

Choose one of the articles below. Then, write an article critique that summarizes your selected article’s main points, and relate your summary to a specific and current audience.

Horwitz, T. (2013). Pocahontas engraving. Smithsonian, 41(7), 91-118.

After summarizing at least two or three main points of the article you chose, (while considering the date, purpose, and intended audience of the work), you are to address the following in your essay:

How important (or not) is the subject (Bradstreet or Smith) to American literature?
What issues addressed by either subject continue in some way, or have these morphed into new issues that are surfacing in the United States?

Make sure you explain how either Anne Bradstreet or John Smith is portrayed in your selected article, and relate that portrayal to how women, minorities, or people of power (or powerless) are portrayed and/or treated in the United States today.

Your article critique should be no fewer than 500 words, and you must cite the article you chose in correct APA in both the body of your writing and on the reference page.


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