Manhattan Beach

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March 24

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is one of the glamorous places in the USA today. The fact can be traced back to beautiful features that exist in the area. Furthermore, it is a place that encompasses several activities that have significantly enhanced its growth. Initially, there were very little activities going on in Manhattan Beach for quite a long time. However, in recent times, Manhattan Beach has emerged as one of the most beautiful places. It is these features that this paper tends to address. Moreover, the paper tends to compare factors that have made land so expensive to acquire in Manhattan Beach as compared to other places. Lastly, the paper tries to define whether the Jewish and Russians emigrants are the sole reasons for the Beach uplifting or otherwise, which has made properties too expensive to acquire.

Some areas of Brooklyn are still developing and going through the moment of an unknown new direction. We know about Red Hook, Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights. Fairly new to ear yet in fast development since affordable real estate was discovered within those neighborhoods (Merlis et al 67). Manhattan Beach falls into category of young areas but stately occupied by different generations of the same family. As most of ocean side areas in New York Manhattan Beach started of as resort hotel area with an entertainment during summer times. Now think of Manhattan Beach of something extremely spacious and organized. Manicured loans, new vegetation are part of this Brooklyn neighborhood. You won’t see tall trees or extravagant flowers. Either clean loan with seasonal greens either just something natural by the road side. Which brings up the vegetation history of ocean side agriculture? Manhattan Beach was never a pasture or a farm because sea salt water doesn’t promote properly hydrated soil for farming. Certain plants enjoy salty hydrated land but mostly those plants aren’t used in agriculture. Manhattan Beach was able to establish itself as organized community within closeness to the ocean, yet not being depended on it.

There are three Mains Street in alphabetical order line. Starting with an Oceanside houses that area big as property around the house with private beach entrance and view. Simpler houses then follow closely towards Sheepshead Bay area. By modern architecture you can barely noticed signs of hurricane Sandy. Every house are looks alike from a bottom, stone build housing with proper elevation for being so close to the water, which also elevates a price on houses that are closer to the water (Gillman 32). Yet a third of buildings are under construction without rush on fishing it up. Some houses looks more empty than other, therefore owners live between multiple properties (Ruth 61). Excluded location of this area would make each owner have a car since public transportation would take over an hour getting to Midtown of New York.

Additionally, the area has interesting fact. It has been surviving without entertainment and basic needed stores. It has Couple of delis, one small gym, one dry cleaning and one bar/restaurant within the whole neighborhood. Grocery shopping needs to be done outside of well maintained Manhattan Beach. No beach summer entertainment either. This isn’t your usual Coney Island or Rockaways where local business depends on seasonal guests (Gillman 43). Manhattan Beach is suburbs within busy city living. Highly rated public school students transfer well to another area after completing almost private school education level, which brings up another fact of Manhattan Beach being a different district from Brigthon Beach and having more active votes. More votes more attention to the neighborhood.

New buildings are in process of being sold or rented out meanwhile nobody is building a new restaurant or Laundromat, which is the valuable real estate is what attracts people to Manhattan Beach. High level of security on this area makes attractive for those an expensive cars and an elderly people (The Weekly Nabe 201). Easy access to the beach and Manhattan Beach Park with a great playground and dog walking area is perfect for suborning living within Brooklyn. This area doesn’t need a public support to continue building a private housing. And this housing is passed down generation to generation therefore no gentrification is happening in this fairly new neighborhood of Brooklyn under construction. New comers purchase cheaper bungalow houses and turn them into bigger mansions. That’s why area is always private ownership overcomes those who rent and those who rent would want an easier access to public transportation and shopping.

The Temple, Manhattan Beach hotel, US public hospital and Air force reservation are now fancy residential area that not every New Yorker knows about. Very unusual for any neighborhood in the city to stay this way but it is to mange since its very narrow area, where space is devoted to quiet living space.

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