Manhattan beach most expensive in Brooklyn

Why is Manhattan Beach one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn? It is not close to the city or public transportation. Yes, it is by the water just like many other areas in New York. But what has made it this way? By looking at the maps there are weren’t much going on. Only a few things and Temple. Such as US public hospital and Air force reservation. How come those became unnecessary and million-dollar land came along. Did all the workers and fishermen leave and left the land behind which became available for Russian and Jewish emigrants? If so why land on Brighton broader doesn’t coast as much as it is on Manhattan beach.

Another look to an Emmons Avenue Creek was originally built for easier access and quite space for fishing. Back then there was no housing from Sheepshead Bay or Manhattan beachside. When did this all became irrelevant and deconstruct itself into Holocaust memorial with annual events and gathering? Fresh seafood now turns into too many sushi bars within one block and boat parties during summer while Manhattan beach resents barely use public transportation. Why would you want to live here if you can afford a penthouse on the island? Dangerous flooding zone has been proved by recent Sandy and yet this neighborhood is the hottest spot for real estate agents.

Focus The Creek between Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan beach. Including Holocaust Memorial Park. The purpose to focus on the use of creek that starts of Manhattan Beach. The canal itself hasn’t change thought the years but the population of the neighborhood definitely have. The Kingsborough Community College is built on part on the land that been extended with extra rocks which means whoever had an idea of this school wasn’t deepened on taking the space of Manhattan Beach. They were extending it and building at the same time.

1. So here are my helpers and inspirations for this topic. At first, I have looked at Historic aerials website and have seen how the area changed thought seventy years. This where I have learned about attached stones as a platform for Kingsborough college and US air force factory.

2,3. I found great use of different pictures that I’m planning to attached to my final version of the paper from Brooklyn Historical Society and Brooklyn Public Library.

4,5. Local newspapers like and have a little bit of information.

6. GILLMAN, LUCY P.. “CONEY ISLAND”. New York History 36.3 (1955): 255–290. This article doesn’t only cover history of Coney island and its developments but mentions the demography of immigrant population. But before that the hotels were most of buildings on the Manhattan beach area! Hotels are now apartment buildings!

7. Wildsam Field Guide Brooklyn. Wildsam Field Guides, 2015. Print. It have been purchased for the love of Brooklyn and became useful. It’s a collection of essays and Brooklyn guides by different authors. So like how Sheepshead bay fishing was shut down because of pollution. And mentions one of oldest Sheepshead Bay families that still operates since 1918.

8. The Weekly Nabe

Its interesting and just inspiring source how to organize the final version of my paper.

Ideally I will also find those two and review them as well . Merlis, Brian, Lee A. Rosenzweig, and I. Stephen. Miller. Brooklyn’s Gold Coast: The Sheepshead Bay Communities. Brooklyn: Sheepshead Bay Historical Society, 1997. Print.and Lines, Ruth L. The Story of Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach and the Sheepshead Bay Library. Brooklyn, NY: Publisher Not Identified, 1949. Print.

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