Book review: ‘Signs of Life’

Use the book Signs of Life.  Please use two alternative resources and cite them properly in MLA format.

Length: 1,500-2,000 words
Format: Typed, double-spaced, 1” margins

In their book Signs of Life, Maasik and Solomon state that “the popular culture of today constitutes the essential texture of our everyday lives” (7). This is a weighty statement to make: it posits that we are so steeped in popular culture that it is inescapable—it is in fact woven into the very fabric of who we are, what we do, what we consume, and more. As this underpins the rest of the book, it is imperative that we interrogate this idea further.

The goal of this essay is to analyze the argument, centered on this statement, that the authors put forth in the introductory chapter of the textbook. Your thesis should stake a claim on their statement—do you agree, disagree, or find some shades of grey are necessary?

First, define pop culture and support it with sources. Are you defining it in keeping with Maasik and Solomon, or are you putting forth something different? Why?

Second, now that you have defined your core term (and you’ll define any others you use as you proceed in writing), proceed to defend your claim. Feel free to use, converse with, and argue back against Maasik and Solomon’s statements in this chapter as you go through this process. Anticipate that you will need to include outside sources.

***A counter-argument (highly encouraged) will help to strengthen your argument.***

Finally, apply your argument: bring an artifact of pop culture into discussion with your position. Use specific examples from the artifact, and, if it isn’t a commonly-known piece, consider including some brief context or description.

This paper must have thorough in-text citations and must include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.

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