Copy-writing [Website Content]: How to build a secure eCommerce application


Please only use credible references and sources of the recent years (not older than 2017) and cite them properly. The post should have a typical structure: short intro (why it’s important to keep security in mind from the ideation stage and embed it into the app’s DNA), main part that lists ways of building secure eCommerce apps and conclusions drawn from the main part. Please note that our blog readers are well-versed in tech topics and terminology so please get straight to the point without wasting article space for explaining what eCommerce app is and why people use them.

The article should stress that it’s important to hire a professional custom FinTech app dev provider that has enough security experts and know-how for building highly secure apps. The cost of a security error in a fintech app is very high, so avoid it by using professionals rather than freelancers and DIY platforms.

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