Thesis Writing, Thesis Revision: [Psychology] : Thesis revision

I will need your help with my research basically from page 16 onwards ( Chapter 3, cca 300 words)
Everything has to be completed to the spec of the Thesis attached as a sample.
The interview transcription has to be Thematically Analysed with chart mapping which has to go in the appendix at the end.
3 Major overarching Themes need to be selected
9 sub-themes also need to be selected
Then a theme chart needs to be created and all the findings need to be collated and referenced back to their reference line number in the interview transcription. All the themes need to be tested or contrasted with what the Literature Review found and gaps identified etc.
All the findings chapter has to be constructed and finished
All the Discussion chapter has to be constructed and finished
All the conclusion chapter has to be constructed and finished
Then the whole Thesis has to be completed fully in order to submit as soon as possible, please.
I will help you in any way I can to get this done, just let me know what I need to do for you to fully complete this project as a finished product, please.
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