Thesis Writing: [Psychology] : Psychoanalytic exploration of bulimia nervosa

 would like to know the quote for a thesis for 15000 words. I have done my work, but my tutor is giving me a tough time to accept it. Though it has everything he wants, efforts are needed to make it look more comprehensive, and structured. my topic is Psychoanalytic exploration of bulimia nervosa.
I have attached what I have done and what my tutor wants.
The structured one, absent mother and psychodynamic of bulimia are what I have done, rest is what he wants and his previous student work. Lastly, the updated one is the final thing to what he has agreed and what I have already covered.
I was reviewing my work and I thought this will be of sharing what I think is needed to be done, rest your team knows the best.
Structuring is the major issue, everything thing is provided in the sections but may be the style in which I have put is different. Like;
1. intro has everything, but it can be made better.
2. Theory section is yet missing- if needed I can provide the details on that as well.
3. Literature review shows the themes related to childhood ( but I have mixed both analysis and literature review – I suppose)
4. Obviously my discussion and conclusion are missing.
I think if you share this with expert then they can get better clarity over it, since it is very philosophical paper, I have doubt to how it will appear. I guess previous thesis will be of help too.


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