Thesis Writing: [Education] : Integrating Values Education Into the Visual Arts Curriculum in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: An Exploratory Study

Urgent one Pls directly do it on this paper and can deduct and add texts to make the concept of thematic analysis with Nvivo correct and concise and clear, thanks To-do list Amend according to supervisor suggestion and add and deduct the words from the dissertation so as to make the argument of thematic analysis with Nvivo clear. Verbal comments from supervisors:

1)***Identification and analysis of themes emerging from transcripts of Reflective Journal How? Why? Explain more 2)Unclear of a lot of technical terms: main/overarching themes, subtheme, preliminary theme, candidate theme ***Identification and analysis of the above main/overarching themes, subtheme, preliminary theme, candidate theme emerging from Reflective Journal if really use all of the above terms

3) Read more EdD dissertation and follow the good one which use thematic analysis and Nvivo well, then follow

4) Can use some graphs to explain all relationship and Identification and analysis of them and explain how they form, to make the idea clear

5)Others: Eliminate correlation–causation error A big concern in chapter 4 is that very often you seem to present evidence that students possess some value and that their art shows it, but then to interpret that as meaning the value was instilled in students by the art education. This seems like a correlation–causation error, and it appears to constitute potentially a major problem for the soundness of your analysis. Another big problem is that you come back to the previous research in this section, and your discussion exhibits the same problems as the discussion of this work in the first two chapters (redundancy, very obvious statements, vagueness, and the other points raised above). I have assigned the section only two of three stars for these reasons.

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