Thesis Methodology Chapter: [Art] : Blockchain and art

I need help with my thesis, my professor send me feedback and I am not able to do it. Because I don’t have the time! Feedback of the professor; My only concern is that your chapter 3 is quite brief and your chapter 5 is even more brief. You will certainly need to expand a little more on chap 5, to discuss about the future, the possibility, what you can derive from your chap 3 (the methods you used- do you think they could have been done better to get better results, perhaps another way, another style) and chap 4 (your analysis method, the results, do you think they are accurate, are they reflecting the current status etc). Chap 5 is also a reflection of what could be done more with your work to be expanded, the constraints that you had and so on. ( please see the attached thesis).

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