Thesis Literature Review: [Nursing] : What are nurses experiences of Protected Mealtimes in an acute setting

Topic of your paper: What are nurses experiences of Protected Mealtimes in an acute setting
Subject: – Nursing


I recently completed a protocol so please advise if that is needed and I can send it to you. My Systematic review is qualitative. Attached is a copy of the search terms/MeSH used in the search.

My university recommended use of EndNote and Covidence, if you need a copy of any of the articles found I can also send them on. My supervisor has suggested I use Brunton et al’s assessment tool for my final article selection.

If there is anything else you need please just let me know, many thanks.

Attached was my Protocol that I submitted, however, my supervisor was unimpressed by my literature review and search strategy.

Attached is a copy of the MEsH terms used in my search, along with databases used which were then transferred to EndNote. I will also send on a copy of my Protocol. I hope this information will help. (

Attached is my Systematic Review protocol, could you please pass on that I did not grade too well in the protocol and anticipate a lot of changes with the Systematic Review.

My supervisor has recommended using Brunton et al’s quality assessment tool.


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