Thesis Literature Review: [Medicine and Health] : Use of Low-titer Cold-stored Group O Whole Blood for Civilian Patients with Massive Hemorrhage or Severe Trauma: Safety Profile and Benefits

Topic of your paper: Use of Low-titer Cold-stored Group O Whole Blood for Civilian Patients with Massive Hemorrhage or Severe Trauma: Safety Profile and Benefits
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Subject: Medicine and Health


Introduction and Background (0.5 inch Tab) Introduction should be 2-4 paragraphs introducing your topic. Include enough information so that the reader can understand why you selected this topic. You may or may not have references in this section (they are not required). Remember that your entire paper should be double spaced, including the References. Also remember that you must write out the words for anything for which you wish to use abbreviations in your paper. For example, if your paper discusses Red Blood Cells (RBC), write the words the first time this is mentioned and then use RBC as you continue through the paper. The Background is where you provide the significance and reasons for investigating this topic. What is important and why is it important? How will this review or project impact patients, employees, physicians, etc? You may have references in this section, but don’t start the Literature Review here. Only use references for those statements that require support. If not include in the Introduction, the hypothesis and aims should be at the end of the Background. The hypothesis may be a negative statement: “The hypothesis of this review is that there is no difference between…” You should have at least one aim for the review: “This review aims to show that the literature provides evidence for a correlation between X and Y.” The aims should give the reader an idea of what you were looking for in the literature. Your research question will usually be at the end of the Introduction/Background. The hypothesis and aims may be at the end of the Introduction or at the end of the Background. Literature Review This is the meat of your paper. The Literature Review section should be at least 3-5 paragraphs and must include at least 8 references. Be sure to cite all of the references in the Reference section and DO NOT include references that you do not use! Provide support for your hypothesis, either for or against. Sometimes you have an idea about what the literature will show and you find that you were wrong. That’s OK! When you use a reference, make sure that you use the APA format properly. A reference in the text includes author’s last name and year of publication (Walker, 2018). If there are multiple authors, you can reference this way: Elliot and colleagues (1964) or (Elliot et al, 1984). Review the References section for full details. If you use a reference that you found online, that’s fine, but you do need the publish date and the data accessed. Paraphrase information, data and results from your references. It’s acceptable to use direct quotes, but use them very sparingly! It is best to paraphrase and re-word statements that you find in the articles you review. When you submit on Blackboard, an integrated program (Safe Assign) will evaluate your paper to ensure that you have not copied another paper or taken too much directly from another paper or article. This evaluation should show less than 20% match. Be aware that Safe Assign will check each of your subsequent drafts against the previous draft, so it may show up to 100% match. There is a way to tell it to not search your previous submissions. I can do that – and I do – so I can have a valid evaluation of your paper. Discussion/Conclusions In this section (1-2 paragraphs), you should discuss the results. What did your evaluation of the reviewed articles show? Were you able to support or disprove your hypothesis? You do not need to rehash all of the reviewed articles, but you should have 2-3 paragraphs that summarize your review. You can separate the Conclusions if you want, but you should at least have a Discussion section to provide an ending for your paper. If you feel that additional investigation is needed on the topic, you can say that, but also give some examples of what might be done. This might provide ideas for your own research or a project for someone else


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