Research Paper: Strategy Mapping & the Learning and Growth Perspective

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BUS499 – BSBA Integrative Project
Module 4 – SLP
Strategy Mapping & the Learning and Growth Perspective
For Module 4, consider your organization’s mission and strategy from the perspective of its learning and growth (from your work on the
case, your previous course work, and your background reading, you should be reasonably clear what such activities are). In this
section of the assignment you’ll begin to identify objectives and measures relevant to that perspective. Refer back to this presentation
on objectives if you need to.
Assignment Expectations:
Once you’re reasonably clear on what’s involved, think about your organization and its learning and growth processes, and then:
Identify at least three objectives for improving the organization’s learning and growth, and show how they relate to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization.
For each objective, develop at least one meaningful performance measure (metric).
For each objective, identify at least one expected level of performance (target).
For each objective, identify at least one new action or program that needs to be developed to ensure successful implementation
of the organization’s strategy (initiative).
Comment briefly on the relationships of the learning and growth objectives that you’ve identified here to the financial objectives
that you identified in the Module 1 SLP assignment, the customer service objectives you identified in Module 2, and/or the
internal business process objectives you identified in Module 3. How do they help to fulfill those objectives? If they don’t (and
they don’t have to), what makes them more important than objectives that would relate to customer service, business
processes, or financial operations?
Finally, do you wish to make any changes to your Module 1, 2, or 3 objective write-ups in light of your Module 4 experience?
Here’s a table that you may wish to copy and fill in (the boxes are expandable – take all the space you need to be complete in your
descriptions. No more than 2-3 pages should be necessary.)
Objective Measure Target Action
Relationships to other
Revisions (if any) to Module 1, 2, and/or 3 Objectives
Objective/Module Measure Target Action
When your assignment is ready, send it in to CourseNet
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In the current scenario, the automotive industry experiences a competitive landscape. It is essential for Toyota to outshine amongst the rest of the automotive manufacturers in order to achieve excellence. Hence, it is imperative for Toyota to offer its customers a service which cannot be matched in order to deliver a great experience.

The first customer service perspective which Toyota must target is the quality of its vehicles. Known for its remarkable quality of automobiles, it is essential for Toyota to not just maintain their standard, but increase it. This is in line with Toyota’s mission to contribute to the lifestyle of its customers by providing long lasting cars.

The second perspective for Toyota would be to have customization. This means that a customer should be allowed to make their own car, by placing an order with exact specifications. This would mean the purchase of the car would not just be an act of buying, but a whole new different experience where each customer can adjust things accordingly. This would also complement their strategy to have unique features in cars so they can be geographically adaptable.

The last customer service perspective which Toyota must target is the style and the safety of the Toyota vehicles. It should adjust the design of the vehicles to ensure that they look stylish and elegant, while ensuring addition safety standards for the customer.

Objective Measure Target Action
Quality The quality should be measured by providing free repair and maintenance of all Toyota vehicles for the first 15 months. The turnover should be recorded along with the details of the customers and their cars. The turnover of this offer should be less than 1%. If the number of vehicles coming in for the free service changes, it shows the variability in the standard of quality at Toyota. Also, we can target and see exactly what the problems are, and which model is coming in most often. Measure the variability and see the consistency in the quality of cars. Focus on the area which is being reported most to increase quality in the production line. Identify exact need in the vehicles by seeing the problems being reported demographically.
Customization The measure would be by the number of customers who avail this service. The features which are most requested by majority of the customers. From 0.5% to 2% of the total sales of Toyota should be from this service. Keep the price low for the basic model, but charge higher as you increase the extra features in the vehicle.
Style and safety The number of reported incidents of that particular model along with the reported level of injuries and casualties. Compare the number of injuries and casualties in the accidents of that particular model with other models. The ratio should at least be down to 1:2 respectively. Develop a prototype of a graceful Toyota car which has additional safety features, and start off with a limited number of cars to field test. Promote the car as a way of Toyota caring about their customers.
Relationships to other objectives All the above objectives are interlinked to financial objectives proposed in module 1. Customization shall help Toyota fulfill its objective to increase the spread of price range of its car. To increase the sales, the change in marketing strategy recommended is also complimented by change in focus towards more safety. Also, the increase in sales will balance off the additional cost due to the 15 month repair and maintenance deal.
Revisions (if any) to Module 1 Objectives:
None. The objectives stated above are aligned to the not just the vision and mission of Toyota, but also to the objectives of module 1.
Objective/Module Measure Target Action


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