Research Paper: Identify iTunes Strategic Impact on the Music Industry; and its Role in Shaping the Society

Identify iTunes Strategic Impact on the Music Industry; and its Role in Shaping the Society

Selected Organization: Apple- iTunes

Purpose of the Topic:

Being revolutionary can be either a game changer, trend creator or just having the idea of simplicity in technology, but being truly revolutionary is knowing what will the consumers want before they do. Since the start Apple Inc. stands for the idea for being revolutionary, whether it being the game-changer with the MacBook air or the trend creator with the iPod, with iTunes they paved a way for a reinvented lifestyle, so the reason;for choosing this organization would be, that iTunes is Apples greatest creation, because the idea of having a single eco-system where technology meets music and where global synchronization and categorization of music in the form of playlist was reinvented and simplified, it caused a single greatest effect on Digital and Music industry. The purpose of this topic is to identify iTunes strategic impact on the music industry; and its role in shaping the society.

Key Issues to be focused on

There are several key issues faced by iTunes the first would be the DRM (Digital Rights Management) policy which simply says, iTunes use of firelight software made iTunes only compatible with apple products which blocked out the ability to use the purchased songs with any other media players. This issue led to many lawsuits over the years. The second issue would be that iTunes cannot keep up with the competitors; all Apple is doing repainting a “car” and telling the users it’s new; lack of originality and slow software is making user look at other music provider such as amazon or spotify. Another issue identified would be lack of advanced features for software which has calls its self an all-round media player.


Proposed Structure

Executive summary

Table of contents

  1. Introduction- will mostly include the content of the purpose and about the topic
  2. Company Brief
  3. Analysis- will be constituted of several theories that will help in answering the question raised by the topic and the several others in the introduction.

3.1 Strategic analysis

3.1.1 Internal and External Analysis

  1. i) PESTEL Analysis
  2. ii) SWOT Analysis

3.1.2 Strategic directions and strategic objectives

  1. i) Vision and Mission Analysis

3.2 Strategic Impact of iTunes on the Music industry

3.2.1 Differentiation Strategy: what makes the company and the product stand-out

  1. i) Legality of iTunes store
  2. ii) Subscription

iii) Availability of Specific Songs

  1. iv) Price

3.2.2 Ansoff Matrix- How iTunes went from Diversification to Market                                    Development

  1. i) 7P’s

3.3 Key strategic issues

3.3.1 Corporate Governance

3.4 Strategic evaluation in shaping society

  1. Conclusion and recommendation
  2. Appendices&Statistics
  3. References list


Proposed Theories

  • PESTEL model- External Analysis
  • SWOT analysis- Internal Analysis
  • Vision and Mission Analysis- is it clearly articulated and applied on the Organisation
  • Differentiation Strategy: what makes the company and the product stand-out
    1. Legality of iTunes store
    2. Subscription
  • Availability of Specific Songs
  1. Price
  • Ansoff Matrix
  • 7p’s of Marketing
  • Corporate Governance

Initial Research

When process the report, the information is collected throughthe journal article, magazine, news, referential books, and internet sources to support our report.

Format and Layout

Margin: 1 inch (2.54 cm) each (top, bottom, left, right)

Font size: 12

Font: Arial

Line spacing: 1.5

Referencing style: APA (Please refer to the Gold Guide)

Format: Report style

Structure: See suggested structure

Instructions: Avoid using bullet points



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