Public Relations


Strategies and Tactics

The association will use billboards, public forums and winning industry awards. This will be done through public rallies, erecting the boards at the strategic places of the public view and rewarding on any innovation.

Target Public

Primary Target Publics

  • Secondary School Students – Year 9 when critical decisions are made about careers
  • Parents of secondary school children
  • Teachers
  • Local communities
  • STEM community

Secondary Target Publics

  • STEM Industries – Manufacturing and service lines
  • Universities
  • Government – Education (The Hon Christopher Pyne MP) and Science Ministers, Minister for Industry – The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, Office of the Chief Scientist
  • Other stakeholders?

Tertiary Target Publics           

  • The Australian
  • Science media – Australian Science Magazine, Australian Teachers Magazine, Cosmos Magazine
  • Mathematics media – The Australian Mathematics Teacher (The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc.)

The key message of the campaign will be to persuade the publics on the importance of science to the community in the current arena. The primary target will be intensified on the need to cultivate the culture of science based view and promotion. The secondary and tertiary targets will be informed on the need to reward the best performing and motivate innovative ideas.

Implementation plan

Phases Activity Duration
Impact National launch 7 to 30 days
Activity National extension and distribution 1 to 6 months
Ongoing project legacy National events and engagement 6 to 12 months



Phase Amount($)
Impact 100,000
Activity 250,000
Ongoing 350,000
Total 700,000



The impact of the whole process will be assessed continually at all phases, and necessary recommendations made. The end results will be the percentage increase in the number of students who have joined the field, industrial embracements of the technology and the emergence of new sponsors offering awards.


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