Manuscript Writing: [Healthcare] : To assess HCWs’ compliance to proper decontamination, disinfection and sterilization of reusable medical equipments used in five healthcare facilities of Bangladesh

please write the discussion section with this provided results by citing different similar & previous recent studies and comparing the indicators within themselves: I. Hand Hygiene practice II. Use of Gloves III. Disinfection of instruments by 10% NaOCl IV. Cleaning of instruments V. Drying of instruments VI. Packaging instruments before autoclave VII. Labelling of pouches VIII. Avoid overloading of autoclave IX. Record keeping X. Use of Sterilization Indicator Tape XI. Cleanliness of autoclave room

I need similar studies explaining evidence that my result is fine or okay with the previous study results or contradict with the previous study result. The result is again attached herewith this email, which I had attached before while paying. But it seems like you can not understand what is the discussion section of a manuscript!

I do not need background, I need discussion!


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