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I have an exam which is coming in August and I have to answer 3 questions out of 5. The module is Strategy and Leadership 1. I have two questions which are definitely coming in the exam, so I need exam notes in an essay style. For each question I need 325 words which contain 650 words total. It requires at least 2 references for each question, also must be written in their own words. It requires to include a lot of examples which I want these examples to be base in the aviation industry.  Examples must be proper and clear.
I have included exam papers, but I will highlight which questions the writer needs to be answered. 3rd question I’ll do myself. I will include my lecturer exam guidelines which writer must follow in order to get good marks. Please tell your writers if they fail to follow my lecturer guidelines then I will request a refund or rewrite the whole essay. The essay must be in small paragraphs. Also, I have included my lecturer notes which need to be used but also requires to use own articles and theory on top. If any question please send an email …..For these questions does not require any introduction, the writer must write the main body of this question. PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE AND THEN ADVISE IF WRITER ARE HAPPY WITH THIS.
Question 1: In the strategy formation process strategists are divided on whether to deliberately plan and execute the strategy or to let new strategies emerge over time. Discuss the alternative approaches to strategy formation.  (325 words)
Question 2: Strategist are divided on whether the corporate strategy should be primarily a collection of parts of the integrated whole. Discuss. (325 words)
All questions can be find in exam papers
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