Essay: technical reliability program for aircraft maintenance

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Technical Reliability (as opposed to dispatch reliability) of an airline is managed by the CAMO (Part 42)or maintenance controller as part of the “approved system of Maintenance” (or approved maintenance program), as indicated in the question.

In the hypothetical situation of you heading up the CAMO, reliability becomes your responsibility and you need to convince CASA (and me) that your system meets the requirements. So tell me how it works to deliver “good” technical reliability.

I would have expected you to find the “written” requirements in CASA, however, for your information Part 42 Manual of Standards and Advisory Circular 42-3 can be accessed for this purpose.

“Aspects” of Reliability have appeared in many of the module/lectures so reliability touches much of HES2935 subject material. It is covered to some depth in the above-referenced documents.



Assignment No 2

 Aircraft Maintenance HES 2935

Reliability Management

Write no more than 1500 words for the whole assignment (excluding references) The assignment is due by close of business 28th.October 

You have been appointed as the Continuing Airworthiness Manager for a CAMO within an RPT airline, operating Heavy Capacity “Class A”  RPT aircraft (CASR 121).

As the Continuing Airworthiness Manager you are responsible for the establishment and management of the “Approved Maintenance Program (AMP)” (i.e.System of Maintenance) for the fleet of aircraft operated by the airline. Part of the Maintenance Program requirement is the establishment of a “CASA  Approved Reliability Program”. Your department will be designing the new Reliability System.

As you are accountable for the success of this system, you are required to write a report to demonstrate to CASA, just how the system meets the requirements. At a minimum, the points you should cover are :-

  • You will identify the objectives and required outcomes of your “Technical” Reliability Program.
  • You will identify just how you will structure and manage the program to deliver the required reliability of the fleet. (A description of the plan may help here)
  • You will comment on what level of reliability you want to achieve and the reasons / considerations for your choice in terms of

(a) The commercial requirements of an airline and

(b) The regulatory requirements of CASA, FAA etc.

  • You will identify what data will be required and the data sources to feed the system.
  • You will identify who will be the recipients of the “regular” Reliability report and the form it may take and perhaps comment on how the recipients might use it.
  • You will describe the processes of data analysis, and corrective action that may be applied from conclusions drawn from the system analysis.
  • You will identify any impact on the “Maintenance Program”


  • This assignment is 20% of the final assessment
  • The assignment, is to be submitted through Blackboard as a Word (.doc file) with a declaration. Please ensure your name and student Number are on the paper
  • Copying work from other students is unacceptable.
  • This assignment pertains to “Technical Reliability
  • References which you use to support your work should be quoted. (just quoting the website address is not adequate)
  • Avoid copying large amount from references, your own words as a “story” will be far more desirable from the markers viewpoint
  • Identify the meaning of any acronyms used
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