Essay: [Psychology] : The role of intelligence (IQ) in military Special Forces

The intent of this work is to accelerate my reading on one of several strands leading to a PhD thesis in the future. There will undoubtedly be more to follow.

The title of this literature review should be The Role of Intelligence (IQ) in Military Special Forces.


It should contain:

  1. A definition of IQ and a short history of its development.
  2. The components of Full-Scale IQ. Mention of other facets of intelligence such as EQ.
  3. The domain-agnostic role of intelligence and its sub-domains.
  4. The domain-agnostic role of intelligence and its relation to success in high-performance environments/roles such as sports and business. Other parts of this work heavily reference Gagne’s DMGT, which this piece should consider (
  5. The role of IQ in the military – focus should be Army but material relating to the Navy and Air Force is relevant also.
  6. The role of IQ in the Special Forces. The focus should be on British, American and Australian Special Forces. Likely search terms are Special Air Service, SAS, SF, Special Operations Forces, SOF, Special Forces Detachment Alpha, SFODA, Navy SEALs, SEALS, Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines.
  7. Overview of composition and design of IQ tests.
  8. Critique of the concept of IQ and tests, such as the Flynn effect.


It should be written and referenced in APA.


I have indicated five pages, C1500 words for this but if the author feels it needs more to answer the points above then please let me know and I will happily expand it.

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