Dissertation Writing: How male and female characters are portrayed in video games

Comparison of how male and female characters are portrayed in video games. Comparing the number of male protagonists in relation to the female ones. Citing games like Tomb Raider, Bayoneta, which are female protagonist characters, but still have a sexual appeal. The evolution of the characters, such as Lara Croft’s own image has changed in the latest games. Fighting games (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat) and MMO (Black Desert, Dota, League Of Legends, WoW) where female characters are sexualized. Overwatch showing the diversity of bodies. Kratos of God Of War as an example of masculinity. And games whose goal is simply to save the princess, such as Mario, Zelda. What is the need for more female protagonists in today’s games and why is it important to portray them more realistically?

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