Data Analysis: [Economics] : CALCULATIONS Comparison of Profitability and Advantages in Telecommunication Industry in the United Kingdom for the past 5 years between Vodafone, BT, TalkTalk and Telecom Plus

We need to get assistance on the data analysis section and leave the data interpretation for the completion.  The data section in calculating the required details using the correlation coefficients in vain. 

Just these details

calculate Return on Equity

Current Ratio

Gearing Ratio

Asset TurnoverRatio

Gross Margin Ratio

pearson Correlation

Attached below are the details of the dissertation along with an excel file with the data of the company. If you require any information do let me know. The data in the excel sheet are the company’s fundamentals taken from

……Also, please don’t forget the calculation of ratios in the excel sheet along with mean and standard deviation


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