Case Study: Glenmark – A Case Analysis

Paper details (12 pages APA compliance)

The midterm assessment is the case “Glenmark”.

As a consultant, you have been asked to submit a report on the company. In doing so you should address the following aspects:

1. Glenmark started to diversify into discovery research in 2004. Compare the generics and drug discovery businesses. What are the capabilities needed to survive and succeed in each? Do you think Glenmark was right to enter the discovery space?

2. What are the specific constraints that emerging market firms face when they pursue high-risk discovery research?

3. Extracting value from innovation takes about 10-12 years in the pharmaceutical industry. What business model is Glenmark pursuing?

4. What action plan would you recommend for the company, specifically in terms of discovery research?

Note carefully that this is not a project, but a case analysis, and as such the case contains all the information available to answer the issues at stake. You should not study sources for recent information on the company such as its Report and Accounts or its website, its competitors or its industry. You may, however, consult academic books or papers on general approaches to treating aspects of analysis that you consider important. Please note carefully that if you copy text from such sources you must correctly reference the source, and clearly identify copied text by means of italics or inverted commas.

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