Capstone Paper Writing: [Aeronautics] : Implementing aircraft technologies

The topic of the project will be determined at the beginning of the course, project size will be approximately 18 to 25 pages of text in length. The project will be formatted with a cover page, abstract, introduction, background of the problem, research of the problem, conclusions from your research, and recommendations to address the problem. See the provided template. Draft idea/brainstormed (Implementing Wireless Technologies for Air Traffic Infrastructure Problem Statement: With so many goods and passengers entering and exiting the airspace, it is essential that airports use a cost-effective, efficient solution to securely transmit valuable air traffic information. Purpose Statement: To manage operational air traffic management (ATM) information efficiently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required a secure communication system that maintained strict performance requirements ensuring information is not lost due to bandwidth demands. Core PO Coverages: Aeronautical Science: I will research the Technologies that have gone into making aeronautic communications better. Such as, AeroMACS, it was designed to reduce cost and implementation schedules by minimizing construction needs while meeting functional, performance and security requirements. It supports a wider range of ATM communications technology than its predecessors. Aviation Legislation and Law: While doing my research I will search the legal ramifications of implementing wireless technologies to Air Traffic Infrastructure. Aviation Safety: During this research, I will try to provide a vast understanding of the technologies being implemented to that make the Air Traffic Infrastructure safer. I will also discuss if these systems are beneficial to a board scope of the aviation community. Aviation Management and Operations: Lastly, my research will discuss how some systems should be operated and managed.) Teacher response: Dante, have not seen this particular topic before. What indeed is the “problem to be addressed and analyzed, and to what end (what outcomes do you foresee)? From the Problem and Purpose Template: “This problem statement must provide the title and a brief (two-paragraph) explanation of the problem and the purpose of the research (The first paragraph should address an explanation of why this is a problem and the second paragraph should describe the purpose of the research (what results will be achieved in the project).” The initial concern would be that it might be a bit too limited in scope to be able to satisfy all of the Capstone Program Outcome requirements. Also, need to get into the critical thinking mode; (do not see any critical thinking verbiage used (analyze, evaluate, assess, etc… see page 7 of the Capstone Policy Guide)) as you research, organize your outline, and draft your final Capstone. What indeed will you be analyzing and evaluating to support your final results, conclusions, and recommendations? Best way approach this is to review the PO descriptors in the Capstone Policy Guide and then tie to topic-specific information that you find in your bibliography research efforts. Please provide additional detail and examples as to how you will satisfy the content and analyses requirements of the four Core PO’s to assure yourself that there is indeed researchable information available for you to complete your Capstone. I realize that this is a preliminary planning document that will have to be revised and added to as you progress through your research, outline organization, and drafting of your final Capstone, but the more you put into this now, the better it will serve you for the remainder of the Course to help to assure you of a successful Capstone Research Project. Think you are off to a good start here; just needs a bit more work before you post to Activity 2.2

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