Assignment: Subterranean Values-2

For this assignment please use the chapters attached – chapter 5, 6 an 7 and pew research articles related to Dr. Matza drift if needed only. to respond to the following: 1. begin by defining “Subterranean Values” by using Matza and Sykes (Chapter 5 – Juvenile Delinquency and Subterranean Values). 2. Next, apply, compare, contrast and expand on the original conceptualization of “subterranean values” , juvenile delinquency and drift (Chapter 5) with Chapter 6 – Juvenile and Delinquency and Subterranean Values Revisited AND Chapter 7 – Subterranean Values, Self -Deception and White Collar Crime. In other words, how do Chapters 6 and 7 enhance (or not) the original premise of Matza and Sykes (Chapter 5) as it relates to “subterranean values”, delinquency and….drift…… ? PS- I WILL EMAIL ALL THE THREE CHAPTERS- THANK YOU

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