Academic Writing: [Literature] : Essay Writing

Essay One: Poem Analysis

Use the questions page 111 in Reading and Writing About Literature to guide your analysis of one poem that we have read for this course (you pick the poem you want to analyze from the stand-alone poems provided for you in the Pages section of Canvas (not ones already analyzed in Reading and Writing About Literature):

What images are most striking in this poem? Try to pinpoint what makes them striking or memorable.

How do the stanza or line breaks (or lack of breaks) work in this poem? Why did the author make these specific stylistic decisions?

Is the poem in free verse or does it follow a specific rhyme or metrical form? Why did the poet make the decision to either use a free verse or a formal rhyme or metrical pattern?

What is the poem’s setting? How does the setting contribute to your understanding of the poem?

Aim for a full two pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font in order to receive a passing score (this is the minimum page length requirement—write to the bottom of the second page).

In a literary analysis, argue a point using the text to prove your assertions. Present brief quotations and paraphrases to help support your main claim. Discuss how the quoted material might be relevant to or support your points by focusing on smooth transitions into and out of quoted passages.


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