Term paper on Mississippi Blue Guitarists


I was want to get a 40 page write on a Mississippi blues guitarist of the 1920s and 30’s named Eugene Powell. There are a lot of old write-ups in 1970 and beyond. He grew with the first family of the blues the Chatmon family better known as the Mississippi Sheiks. He became multi inter with them and a member and recording member also. He was also known with his other playing partner Richard “Hacksaw” Harney. Both were called unbeatable in the history of the Delta Blues. They played the same kind of style a dense fingerpicking style which came from putting the Deep south Louisiana and Mississippi barrelhouse piano transitioned into the guitar. It was far removed from the other Old Delta Blues pioneer style. Also, Eugene was known as the 44 guitar man. He played with the best piano players of Louisiana and Mississippi to help make the greatest and masterpiece of all blues the 44 Blues. The 2 piano he work with were Little Brother Montgomery together they developed the mosy wide spread of all blues piece the 44 blues. There is a lot of major past write ups like Living Blues magazine by Dr. Simon J. Bronner and Blues Revue etc. 

The 40 page write up on Eugene would be a bio from his early years as a child, his big music years 1920s and 30’s. The thing about Eugene was that he played with the best and became a multi- instrumentist playing more styles that nobody could out play him. He grew up on the same plantation Kelly Drew Plantation in Hollandale Mississippi with the Chatmon family the number one black string band ever and number 1 black recording artists of the 1930’s. Eugene was a member. The 44 blues story is big. Ernest “44” Johnson invented it but also Eugene and Little Brother Montgomery played with him and help developed it more. Also, Richard “Hacksaw ” Harney was a big playing partner too. There are a lot of interviews on Eugene to work with. Also to I would like to add on 5 more pages on a write about his 1936 Bluebird recording session in New Orleans and 5 page write on Richard “Hacksaw” Harney and 5 page write up on his wife Mississippi Matilda for a total of 55 pages. A note Hacksaw had a lot to do with Robert Johnson music style according to his step son Robert Lockwood, Jr.. John Fogerty also put together Eugene”s gravestone. A lot of great stories to work with.

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