Term paper: Cognitive Theory in children


I want a 5 page paper on Cognitive Theory in children. The should be in APA format, have detailed thesis sentence, and be no more than 5 pages, can use outside references.

The topic is: Cognitive theory in children. Also what should be discussed in the paper are the four stages of development, touch on Piaget’s concepts vs Vygotsky’s theory, and tie in nature vs nuture.

Attached is my first draft outline.. and in green is the response of my instructor. She asked that I focus a bit more as well as simply.


In-text citations would also be helpful, and also she will not read anything over 5 pages in length


Cognitive Theory

I.            Cognitive Process

A.      Information Processing: How children manipulate information, and monitor information. Further explaining how children notice their environment and surroundings.  Does memory play a significant role in this?

B.      Development of Intelligence: Discuss how intelligence plays a role in conscious thought, and problem solving abilities in children.  When do babies actively learn, and develop perception and thinking skills.

II.            Jean Piaget vs Vygotsky Theory of Cognitive Development

A.      Four Stages of Development: Discuss the four stages of cognitive development: sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operational stage, and formal operational stage.

1.       Assimilation and Accommodation: Explain how children adapt and use their schemes, based on Piaget’s concepts on Assimilation and Accommodation. How the outside world is incorporation with the inside.

B.      Vygotsky’s Theory of Cognitive development: The importance of social influences on children’s cognitive development, reflected on the Zone proximal development, scaffolding and the influences ZPD has on teaching strategies.

III.            Nature Vs Nurture Debate

1.       Genetic Influence: Genes in humans determines different traits that we have. Whether or not genetics plays a role in behavior and intelligence.

2.       Environmental Factors: Environmental Factors are the real origins of human behavior, which includes the use of condition in order to induce a new behavior to a child. The question left to be answered; are we born this way, or do we behave according to our life experiences.

Hi Sheelyn,

You’ve got a lot of interesting stuff started here. I’d like to see your specific thesis sentence so I know what your main argument is during the paper. I also think you might want to focus in a bit. Five pages is not a lot of space to cover everything you have listed above.

You can talk to me in class if you have further questions.

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