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I have an assignment due Sunday, April 16. My assignment is to analysis yourself as a gendered person. 
Since this paper is on an analysis of myself as a gendered person, I will let you know a couple of things on myself. I grew up with 3 brothers and going to a catholic school. I am Portuguese and a female.
Check attachment for details. 

Term Paper for Spring 2016:

  1. You are required to write a final term paper (10 double-spaced pages) based on both library research and an auto-ethnography. This means I am expecting a minimum of 3 scholarly researches in the bibliography, as well as, an analysis of yourself as a gendered person.


  1. Some questions to guide your paper: To what particular group do you think you fit in “American” society? How is your group perceived and constructed in “American” society? How have social institutions impacted your gender? What are some advantages or disadvantages of belonging to your group? What are some rewards or limitations that you have experienced from your gender? In what ways do you perform gender in your everyday life? Describe and analyze the ways in which your body reflects/challenges your gender. Consider the ways in which your sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, education, religion, and culture have shaped your gendered sense of self.


  1. You can include indicators or symbols (i.e., cultural artifacts) relevant to your gendered self. These indicators can be found anywhere from song lyrics, music videos, television shows, movies, advertisements, newspaper articles, magazine articles, greeting cards, bumper stickers, posters, video games, toys, clothing, calendars, as well as personal conversations and experiences.


  1. Remember to demonstrate a comprehension of the concepts covered in class!


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