Signature Assignment Paper: Adult Development

  1. A Comparison of Adult Development from Different Perspectives (Signature Assignment Paper):
    1. Conduct an interview with a young adult and an older adult asking similar questions. Write a seven- to ten-page paper to compare their perspectives.


    1. The assignment will be judged by how well the student is able to compare and contrast the differing perspectives and relate their analysis using concepts outlined in the course content as presented in the required textbook and/or other references.



    1. The paper needs to follow APA writing style guidelines:  Using Times New Roman font, 12 point font size, one inch margins, aligned left justification, APA style for citations, quotations and references, and be proofread for grammar and spelling errors.


    1. Avoiding plagiarism:



Instructions for Signature Assignment Paper:

You are asked to interview two persons: one in their 30’s and one over 65. Please do not interview family members.


The following questions can be used as guidelines in obtaining a life history for the two prospective interviewees:


Family related questions:

Describe your childhood; parents; siblings; family roots. What was your relationship like with your family members? How would you describe your mother and father? Who was the disciplinarian? What was their occupation? Who was/were the role model(s)? Did you go on family trips? What were some family rituals, celebrations, or observations that stand out for you? What chores and responsibilities did you have as a child? What did you daydream about becoming when you grew up? What were your happiest times? What were your saddest times?


Neighborhood related questions:

Where did you grow up? Describe the neighborhood and the house. How did you feel about your neighborhood? Was your family different in any way? Who were your companions as a child?


School related questions:

Describe the schools you went to. What kind of student were you and what subjects did you like? Were boys and girls treated any differently? What is your highest level of education? How was education viewed in your family? Did you socialize in school and have a group of friends or were you more of a loner?


Work related questions:

What was your first job and how old were you? What was the longest job you ever had? What was the worst and best job? Are you satisfied with you current work? If you could choose what job you wanted, what would it look like? What would you say is the most important factor in job satisfaction for you?


Love and intimacy related questions:

When did you start dating? Who was your first boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you married? Divorced? Widowed? How long did you know your husband/wife before getting married? How would you describe the quality of your marriage? If you have never married, but have been romantically involved with a partner or significant other, how long have you known each other? How many romantic relationships have you been involved in up to this point? What would you define as the best things you bring to a relationship and what are some of the worst?


Children related questions:

Do you have children? How many and how old? How would you define your relationship with your children and or grandchildren? What are your aspirations for them? How would you say that your parenting style influences the kind of parent that you are?


Health related questions:

How do you maintain your health? Do you exercise regularly? Eat well? Try to find balance between work and play? Any chronic illnesses? Have you noticed any psychical changes since you have been getting older? Any cognitive changes?


Life Review related questions:

What is the most exciting part of your life? What is the most significant event you witnessed and how did this impact you? Do you remember reading something, seeing a movie, or meeting someone that influenced your life dramatically? If you could have any “do overs” what would you change? If you had three wishes, what would they be? Who have you significantly impacted in your life? What are some of the things you have learned about life and what lessons would you want to pass on to your children or grandchildren?



Use fake names to refer to your interviewees in order to keep their privacy. Begin by describing each interviewee’s life chronologically (not in a question and answer format) highlighting major events. Then reflect on their life, identifying principles of lifespan development. Describe the circumstances, relationships, and events that have shaped this person’s life. How have the interviewee’s interests, goals, attitudes, and meaning in life changed over the years? Discuss the different developmental phases for the two age groups and how this impacted them. Finally provide your reaction to having completed this assignment, focusing particularly on how your attitudes and feeling toward older adults and the aging process was impacted by this assignment.


The paper will be graded on clarity in expressing thoughts, organization of ideas, and integration of the theoretical course material to the interviewees’ information.

Signature Assignment Paper Grading Rubric



Criteria Points
Content and Body –          Does the writer collect information and provide a comprehensive interview to understand the developmental history of the two interviewees?

–          Is the content logical, coherent, and convincing?

–          Does the writer compare and contrast from different

perspectives in order to analyze the interview results?

–          Does the writer demonstrate in-depth interpretations related to lifespan history for both interviewees?

–          Is supporting evidence indicated by using theoretical framework through textbook or other peer-reviewed resources?


Organization of Material –          Does the paper have an introduction, a conclusion, and a rich body of contents?

–          Does the writer organize the material in a logical

manner so that the readers can follow the content

easily? (Is the material easy to understand?)

–          Is there a title page and a references page?

–          Are there good transitions between sentences

and paragraphs?

–          Are materials synthesized and integrated well?


APA Format –          Does the paper follow APA guidelines well


–          Does the paper have at least two correctly cited

peer-reviewed in-text citations?

–          Do all of the in-text citations have matching sources in

the references page?

–          Are the required elements in the references page such

as double spaced, hanging indentations, etc. correctly



Grammar and Spelling –          Does the paper’s sentence structure follow the

appropriate rules of grammar?

–          Is the paper free of spelling, capitalization, or other

typographical errors?


Total Points   30  

Case Study Presentation Grading Rubric



Criteria Points
Content and Body –          Did the presenters address all of the assigned questions?

–          Did the speakers provide appropriate solutions to the discussing issues?

–          Was the content comprehensive and accurate?

–          Was supporting evidence presented?

–          Was the information presented well-researched from sources other than the textbook?


Organization of Material –          Did the slides include a title slide and a references slide?

–          Did the visual aids and graphics reinforce and support the information and presentation?

–          Were the slides integrated as a whole rather than a set of disjointed individual slides?


Presentation Style –          Did the presenters speak clearly in an appropriate

speed, tone, and volume for the audience to

understand the material?

–          Was the body language of presenters appropriate?

–          Did the presenters share in one’s own words

and not read word for word directly from the slides or

any forms of the notes? (Did the speakers

rehearse material well prior to presentation?)

–          Did the presenters make frequent eye contact in order to

establish a connection with the audience instead of

looking at the notes?

–          Did the speakers present in a professional and

enthusiastic manner?

–          Did the presenters use time wisely and did not rush

to finish or end the presentation prematurely?


Interaction with Audience –          Did the speakers involve the audience during the presentation?

–          Did the speakers solicit questions from the audience and answer questions in a professional manner?


APA Formatting –          Did the presentation slides follow APA format


–          Did the in-text citations on slides match the sources

in the references slide?

–          Are the required elements in the references page such

as double spaced, hanging indentations, etc. correctly



Grammar and Spelling –          Were the slides free from grammatical errors?

–          Were the slides free from other typographical

errors? (Did the presenter carefully proofread the slides?)


Total Points   20  




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