Research Paper: the mental health benefits from Floating

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Can you help me with researching the mental health benefits from Floating? I’m hoping to do an event soon and want to find a way to get people with ADHD, BPD, Bi-Polar and so forth interested in floating. I’ll post an example of a story below on why floating is beneficial. I’d like to do something on children and floating if you find that to be a better fit. Lastly, mental health and the marijuana industry could be a great fit as well and tie that to the floating to ADHD/BPD/Bi-Polar?

What is floating?

Why float?

Research article ideas-

ADHD treatments: Treating ADHD by Floating in Salt Water?…/treating-adhd-by-floating-in-salt-water.html
Oct 20, 2009 – The salt water/ADHD treatment case study highlights that the salt water flotation/isolation therapy may alleviate some of this behavior due to it’s …
Sensory deprivation. – ADD Forums – Attention Deficit … › … › Open Science & Philosophical Discussion
Mar 16, 2008 – 15 posts – ‎4 authors
Sensory deprivation. Open Science & Philosophical Discussion.
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