Proofreading a Research Paper

I want you to proof-read my paper? I’d like to show you what I wrote in the 2nd and 3d part of my paper (around 10 pages), and I need you to correct my mistakes and put it in the APA formatting.
so here it is, please if there are some parts with a lot of citations, change a little bit the words so its not all just direct quotes (I highlighted some of them in yellow), I’m going to need a conclusion and a new introduction (I am not sure if mine is good)


The cognitive and emotional capacities of individuals tend to increase while people are on healthy diets, practicing physical activity, encountering nature, meditating and/or nurturing spirituality. This raises the question of whether people’s intelligence can increase with time, or whether our brain performance stops evolving at a certain age, inducing the idea that intelligence comes from genes, and can not be developed. This research aims to prove that no matter how much the brain shrinks in this stressful environment, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are not only physical but also and mostly mental. In the first part, there are arguments affirming that intelligence is linked to genes and family history. In the second part, there are arguments proving that intelligence grows with education, motivation and the tenacity to succeed in life and become the ideal person. The paper concludes that brain performance is not a skill that comes from genes, it is a skill that can be developed throughout life, and many factors contribute to it. Among them: Nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness and positive psychology.

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