Movie Analysis

Pages: 7

Time: 24 hrs
Spacing: Double
I need help me writing a movie analysis. It has to be 8 pages and the movie I picked was meet me in st Louise. 
You have to analyze a scene and write about every single significant moment.
Below is a link to the scene I chose
The attachments is the paper I wrote before, I want something similar. 

In this scene, Esther returns back home after John’s proposal. She is in the hallway and about to walk up to her room. As she walks passed Tootie’s room, she suddenly stopped and turned around walks into Tootie’s room to check on her. She opens the door and looks around as soon as she found Tootie she closes the door and walks towards her. The camera was smoothly moving the same paste as Esther, and stopped when Esther arrives next to Tootie. Tootis is sitting by her wintry windowsill. The shot is photographed beautifully by having the moonlight shines through the window. As soon as Tootie sees her sister, she asks “Did he come yet? I’ve been waiting such a long time….” With her eyes full of hope, and voice full of expectations. Esther then asks ‘wait who to come?’ She is confused by her younger sister’s odd behavior. When Tootie answers “Santa Claus” she holds Tootie’s hand and tries to get her to go to bed by convincing Tootie that Santa Claus won’t come if she is a wake. But Tootie immediately pulls her hands away from Esther and asked “How will he know how to find us next year? He’s so used to coming here?” with the facial expression full of concerns. Esther now realize her younger sister is upset about their family moving away. She takes off her warming wrap and wrap around her sister and comfort her by answering Santa Claus can find her no matter where she is.  As soon as she sits down next to Tootie, a harsh light comes through the window. Esther and Tootie curiously looks out at the same time. The camera placing is very brilliant by shooting outside of the window, we can see Tootie and Esther’s facial expression much more clear behind the window fence. They look straight to where the light is coming from and saw John walking towards to his window looking at them as well.  He throws his Jacket to the side, greets to Esther and closes his window. The camera immediately gets back to Esther and Tootie; we see the shadow of John’s window sits on the Smith’s sister’s face as he closing it.

In the next shot Tootie shakes Esther’s arm to get her sister’s attention back to her. The camera sets directly in front of them. Tootie sadly looking at Esther and claim “I’m taking all my dolls, the dead one’s too. I’m taking everything” Esther chuckled after she listens to her sister’s silly request. She promises Tootie that she can take everything with her. She also offers to help Tootie with packing so Tootie doesn’t leave anything behind except the snow people they built. Tootie laughs cheerfully and naively, but when she looks down to the back yard where the snow people are, her smile slowly fades away. Esther observes Tootsie staring at the snowman reluctantly and she carefully asks” You aren’t that silly to try to them on the train with you, wouldn’t you?” Tootie remains silent, she continues gazing at the snowman mournfully. Esther takes out Tootie’s monkey music box. The peaceful melody comes out from the music box as Esther rolling the string. Tootis slowly looks away from the snowman and turns her head towards Esther.

Esther looks into Tootie’s eyes and begins to sing her “Have yourself merry little Christmas” with her soft and gentle voice as a way of consoling.  Esther continues singing “Next year all our troubles will be out of sight. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to comfort her sister not to be worried and enjoy the last Christmas in St Louise. The camera gives a close up to Esther’s face as she sings the part “Make the Yuletide gay. Next year all our troubles will be miles away”. Esther slowly takes off the scarf on her head and looks straight ahead towards the window, and sings more expressively. The close up makes the audience gets a better view of Esther’s emotion and mood changes. And the powerful lyrics along with the strong message within the song can delivered better to the audience by the close up shot. Esther’s eyes are seen to be filled with sadness unlike the other songs she sang in the previous part of movie. It further shows, even though she is not as emotional as her little sister on the idea to move to New York as she tries to show some hope and optimism, she is sad as well about leaving everyone she knows and the place she grew up in. She continues to sing the song passionately, when she reaches the part” happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who were dear to us, will be near to us once more” her eyes sparkled. As if she is trying to convince herself as well that everything well be ok and they will be happy again after moving away.

As Esther continues her song, the camera gives a close up shot to Tootie. We see Tootie quietly listenning to the sweet melody with tears rolling down her cheeks. She is upset about leaving the snow people that represent her family, and disappointed by her sister who promise to help her packs everything but not be able to bring the snow people with them. This close up shot of Tootie devasted As the song approaches to the end, Esther raises her voice and sings more powerfully and ended the song after she sings” So have yourself a Merry Little Christmas now”

Esther is still immersed in her hopeful and emotional word after she finishes the song. Tootie, on the other hand seems did not get the positive messages from the song. The lyrics and melody of the song made her angrier and more depressed. She gets up from the window and storms of the room. Esther realized her song made Tootie more upset, she quickly gets up and runs after Tootie full of concerns. When Esther comes out of the room and enters the hallway, we see Mr Smith is standing in the middle of the stares screaming Tootie’s name and try to stop her from running away.  He asks Esther what is going on with Tootie as Esther run passes him.  But Esther does not know why Tootie is so upset as well, all she can do is find her sister and make sure she is ok.

Tootie came out of the house and runs towards the snow people. She grabs the stick in one of the snow people’s hand and sobs hysterically as she hits the snow people. In this shot the camera placed far enough to get all the snow man and Tootie in one frame. We can see the cute snow people represents Smith’s family. They peacefully stand next to each other while Toosie destroys them one at a time full of anger. The music that plays in the back ground gets more intense and dramatic as Tootie recurrently hitting the little snowman in the middle. Esther runs to Tootie and try to stop her, but Tooties cries more hysterically and yells” Nobody’s going to have them. Not everybody’s going to New York. I’d rather kill them if we can’t take them with us.” Esther kneels down and embraces her utterly despairing sister to comfort her.


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