Integrated Review of Theory and Research

This request is for a research review of 500 words.

I would prefer the option for “The meaning of Narcissism in Freud’s Psychology”. If you would like to recommend an alternate, please advise.



-Integrated Review of Theory and Research


For this paper, you will review the original work of a personality theorist in greater depth.


The theoretical review should focus on a specific aspect of the theorist’s approach, describe the specific components of that work, compare this approach to other perspectives on personality, and evaluate/critique the theory.


You should use two or three theoretical sources, the majority of which should be original writings of the theorist.


Examples of the types of titles/topics appropriate for this assignment include:  Jung’s View of the Collective Unconscious, Karen Horney’s Conceptualization of Feminine Psychology, The meaning of Narcissism in Freud’s Psychology.


Given the importance of the research within contemporary personality theory, summarize at least one research article relevant to the theory and integrate this study with the theoretical overview.


The topical review will be double-spaced and include a title page, citations, and a reference list.


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