Essay: Rationality

Ok I have a list of questions which we had to choose from?
1. is the distinction that Max Weber made between formal and substantive rationality still relevant?
2. what is rationality.(this is the one you are doing)
3. What is meant by “risk society”?
4. Are we living in modern or post-modern society?
5. Is science progressive? Discuss in relation to claims made by philosophers and/sociologist of science?
I am not sure which you would like to do out the 5. You can pick any. If this is ok
The full rationality questions is:

What is rationality? Discuss in relation to the work of either Peter winch or Jean- Francois Lyotard

it is for my degree 2nd-year course so no plagiarism please and I would also like to get a distinction

Please make sure it has autonomous research in order for me to receive a higher grade

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