Essay: HRM

HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organisations
Assessment 1 Essay

Weighting 35%
Length 1250 words
Learning outcomes 1-6
Graduate attributes Intermediate level 1-6
Format Essay style, with APA referencing
Task Your essay task is to critique “Apple’s employee recruiting video” Identify the key messages about Apple as an organisation and as an employer. Evaluate
the effectiveness of Apple’s recruitment strategy in terms of the theory and literature. Your essay should draw on relevant sections of the textbook (using chapters 1, 5 and 6), plus at least five (5) references from relevant academic peer-reviewed journal articles. This written assessment is designed to assist you to develop skills in
the analysis of a typical business situation based on the HR theories and models relevant to the employment relationship. You need to demonstrate your research, analysis, critical thinking and written
communication skills; particularly in the areas of developing argument in the context of academic essay writing.
Plagiarism NOTE: Copy detection software (TurnitIn) is used in this course and work found in contravention of the copying and plagiarism rules will be investigated. Severe penalties apply in the case of proven instances of copying, plagiarism and academic dishonesty
Required Students must familiarise themselves with the following policies and
procedures at
 Assessment and examination policy and procedures –
 Assessment of Coursework Policy
 Assessment of Coursework Principles
 Assessment of Coursework Procedures
Research A thorough knowledge of the relevant material demonstrated
through use of an appropriate body of quality sources (including
three chapters of the textbook and at least 5 references from relevant
academic peer reviewed journal articles).
Analysis Identification of the issues, critical analysis, and clear argument
supported by evidence
Application of
Application of theory and integration into the discussion of the case,
to answer the questions
Presentation Logical structure, well organised material, within word limit (10%)
Clear introduction, and conclusion (5%)
Correct referencing of sources (5%)
Communication Clear and concise written communication, including grammar 5%

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