I have a project to find major distributors/wholesalers for Teddy Bears who might be interested to add my CD and sell as an added gift item. Please see the brief attached. Initially Australia, then USA.



What: I have a Children’s Meditation CD that I want to package with a fluffy teddy bear and sell.

So I am looking for a company that already sells teddy bears and could add my Meditation CD to one of their teddy bears as an attractive gift. (see picture attached)


Teddy Bear MUST BE soft and fluffy, cream or brown, 50-60cm high (see picture attached)

Looking for global distribution, but will probably start with Australia wide distribution


We need a list of: Major (biggest) Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Major Franchise chains who sell teddy bears (and accessories)

  1. Worldwide
  2. Australia based
  3. Ideally Brisbane, Queensland, Australia based – we will start here.


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