A critical thinking research paper

Pages: 3

Time: Deliver as soon as possible
Spacing: Double
Citation: APA
A critical thinking paper following APA format. This paper must be 3-5 pages of substantial child development content, excluding the title and reference pages. This is a detailed explanation of one or two related concepts. What is the concept? How does this theory/concept gets applied in real life? Is it controversial? Are there alternative theories? How useful is this theory/concept? Will you use it in your profession?
The two concepts are an authoritative parenting style and authoritarian.
Rubric for Critical Thinking Paper
Criterion   Total Possible Points
Demonstrates in-depth understanding and insight into the issue(s) under discussion, through careful analysis and reflection. Ideas and thoughts are developed and expressed fully and clearly, using many appropriate examples, reasons, details, or explanations. 30
Paper includes at least 2 (valid) scholarly resources that are properly cited 20
Paper includes at least 2 different personal reflections 20
Paper is 3-5 pages long, double spaced and submitted in correct format 10
Paper follows APA format 10
Paper is free of grammatical and typographical errors 10
          Total: 100


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