Walmart Service Provider

You are required to review and study the business/institution that you are working for, as a service provider and identify service-related problems or issues that need to be addressed. You are required to apply at least one concept discussed during the course (e.g. service blue print, design thinking, customer journey mapping, service consumption model, flower of service, brand perceptions, pricing tripod, marketing communication strategy, core and augmented service or other concepts)

The paper should be maximum 10 pages single spaced and should include:
1. Introduction about the service provider
2. Describing the target market, using as much characteristics such as demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioristic features
3. Evaluation of the service experience, based on observation, reports, reviews, social media, customers, and other stakeholders.
4. Identification of service-related problem(s) issue(s).
5. Suggestions for changes and improvement.

– Kindly make sure zero plagiarism
– Follow the instructions
– Going to provide slides for the writer after selecting him/her
– name of the subject: service marketing & customer experience
– Book: Survice marketing
– ISBN-13: 978-0071086967
– Publisher: McGraw Hill Higher Education; Sixth edition (2012)

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