Mental Disorder

Find a person to interview who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder (It must be one found in the DSM-5). You may interview family members, friends, or classmates. If you don’t know anyone, consider contacting local rehab facilities, crisis centers, psychiatric facilities, eating disorder treatment centers, substance abuse treatment centers, etc., to see if you might be able to interview a patient. You may not use yourself as your interviewee. It is helpful to use the voice recording feature on your phone to capture the content of your interview for later reference. You do not need to include a typed transcript of the entire interview, but may provide excerpts from it in your paper. Your essay (500-1000 words/2-4 pages, 12-point Times New Roman with 1-inch margins) will discuss the content of the interview and your analysis of the information you gathered. You may examine your own assumptions and expectations about how the disorder would affect someone. Make it personal; don’t have your paper read like a webpage on the disorder

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